Glenview Lags Behind Neighbors on List of Charitable Towns

A national ranking of most giving zip codes shows Glenview donates less than many surrounding North Shore communities. Based on the study’s figures, Glenview residents who earn more money give away a smaller percent of it.

Glenview residents aren’t reaching quite as deep into their pockets as other North Shore neighbors, according to 'How America Gives,' a study from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Based on the study’s rankings, Glenview falls at No. 282 of 28,725 zip codes ranked throughout the country, donating a total of $44.8 million.

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Regionally, 60025 lands right in the middle of surrounding communities with 4.2 percent of income given and a median contribution of $3,171.

(Check out the below tables for a closer look at Glenview giving and how we compare to surrounding towns, the county, state and country, plus a breakdown of Glenview giving by income level). 

Glenview was not as generous as towns including Winnetka (No. 1 on the North Shore), Lake Forest, Kenilworth, Evanston or Northbrook but gave more than residents in Deerfield, Highland Park, Wilmette and Glencoe. 

The study shows how states, cities and neighborhoods rank in generosity using data by zip code, income level and charity given, taken directly from 2008 tax records. The study can also uses factors like amount of discretionary income and can also be broken down by income level, age and race.

According to the study, Glenview residents gave less than the national or Cook County average, despite a higher than average median income. The state average matched Glenview's at 4.2 percent of income donated. Based on the study’s figures, the higher a Glenview resident’s income, the lower the percentage of it they donated. 

For more details about the data and methodology, browse the full study here. 


Giving on the North Shore

Town % of Income Given Median Contribution Winnetka 5.4


Lake Forest 5.2


Kennilworth 5


Evanston 5


Northbrook 4.4


Glenview 4.2


Deerfield 3.9


Lake Bluff 3.9


Glencoe 3.8


Highland Park 3.7


Wilmette 3.6


Glenview Giving

Total contributions $44.8 million Median contribution $3,171 Median discretionary income $76,090 Percent of income given 4.2%

Glenview Giving by Income Level

Income % of Income Given $50,000-$99,000 6.9 $100,000-$199,999 4.1 $200,000 and up 2.9 All income levels 4.2

Giving by Comparison

Group % of income given Median contribution Median income Glenview 4.1
$3,171 $76,090 Cook County 5.6 $2,419 $43,531 Illinois 4.2 $2,371 $56,113 United States 4.7 $2,564 $54,783

* Source for charts: Chronicle of Philanthropy




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