Glenview Woman Sues Chicago Radio Anchor

Sharon Bialek, who first gained media attention after accusing former presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment, is suing anchor Bill Kurtis for smearing her reputation.

Glenview's Sharon Bialek was in the papers recently, though it didn't have to do with former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

The Glenview Announcements is reporting that Bialek filed a $1.6-million lawsuit against CBS anchor Bill Kurtis for smearing her repuation during a radio interview last year.

Bialek's suit alleges the anchor made "malicious" and "knowingly false" comments about her, which interfered with her job search and caused emotional distress, according to the Glenview Announcements. 

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, Bialek received media attention last year after accusing former presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexually harassing her.

The Daily Mail also reported that Bialek had a history of financial troubles, including two filed bankruptcies.

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