Great Reads: Picks from Our Glenview Book Guru

Liz Weinstein, manager of Glenview's only independent bookstore, shares her recommendations for adult, teen and children's reads.

Liz Weinstein, manager of The Book Market at Hangar One, has a few suggestions for your reading pleasure. Check out this week's books.

Kid's Pick: "You Will Be My Friend" by Peter Brown

Summary: We follow Lucy the Bear on her (demanding) quest to make friends.
Liz Says:
"A fabulous follow-up to Children Make Terrible Pets,' Brown's latest delivers another hilariously sweet tale. Mom and Dad will love the illustrations just as much as the kids do."

Young Adult/Teen Pick: "Girls Ultimate Guide to Surviving Middle School" by Girls Life Magazine

Summary: Sure, middle school is going to toss some serious challenges — older kids, harder workload, BOYS — but GL lets youngsters know they can handle it.
Liz Says: "Why wasn't this book out when I was in 7th Grade?! Let's face it, middle school can be seriously scary and this book is full of helpful tips about everything from friends, finals, and crushes to self-confidence, eating disorders and keeping a positive body image. Let's hope they come out with a version for boys too!"

Adult Pick: "Comedy in Minor Key" by Hans Keilson

Summary:  This is the story of a young Dutch couple who agree to hide a Jewish man in their home and the fate of the relationships that ensue.
Liz Says: "This is a quick read, packed with dark humor and feels much like a play. Comedy in a Minor Key is largely based on the author's own experiences during WWII as an exile in the Netherlands. This English translation was released last year in celebration of the Keilson's 100th birthday."

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