Shermer Road Could Reopen As Early As May

The portion of Shermer Road that has been closed since the 2012 bridge collapse could open as much as 5 months ahead of schedule.

Photo courtesy Village of Northbrook.
Photo courtesy Village of Northbrook.
The portion of Shermer Road that has been closed since the July 4, 2012 bridge collapse could reopen as much as five months ahead of schedule, according to an article in the Glenview Announcements.

IDOT has until then end of September to reopen that portion of road, which closed after the train derailment that killed a Glenview couple who were driving underneath it at the time. 

But the Glenview Announcements article says that the last part of the project — ensuring that the water, sanitary and storm water systems under the road are in good shape — could move faster than expected, allowing for a May 1 completion.
Ken Fine February 08, 2014 at 08:04 AM
It's about time. The road should have been completed a long time ago. The businesses there have lost tons of customers. It feels like the road has been closed forever!
Billy February 08, 2014 at 10:36 AM
I couldn't agree more, Ken. This little viaduct has been a extremely visible, costly example of massive, grinding government red tape and, quite frankly, public lethargy about it. While the bridge collapse resulted in a horrible tragedy that should not be forgotten, there is no reason why the reconstruction should have taken nearly two years to complete. It came at a terrible cost to local economy, traffic and morale. The fact that it occurred smack dab amid an already huge Willow Rd construction project should have added major urgency to situation, but alas, there was none to be found. In the same span of time, we have seen entire business complexes built from square one, including the car dealership on Willow and Patriot (construction which, it should be mentioned, was held back far too long due to zoning regulatory red tape) and the new Anixter building nearby. Several very complicated new draw bridges have been installed within several months last year in the Loop. If we look throughout history, projects such as the Empire State Building were completed in less time. Real progress we're making!


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