Nestle Cuts Ties With Wisconsin Farm Over Abused Cows

Video of cows being beaten and stabbed prompts Nestle, maker of DiGiorno and Jack's frozen pizzas, to drop Wisconsin dairy farm.

Written by Dennis Robaugh.

By Dennis Robaugh

Northbrook-based Nestle has cut ties with a Wisconsin dairy farm after video surfaced of cows on the farm being whipped and abused. If you have a DiGiorno or a Jack's frozen pizza in your freezer, the cheese on top of that pie may have come from the Wisconsin farm.

The group Mercy for Animals produced an undercover video this week that shows workers at Wiese Brothers Farms in Greenleaf, WI, abusing the cows. Wiese supplies milk to Foremost Farms which in turn supplies cheese to Nestle, which makes several frozen pizza brands.

NBC News aired the video, which also shows workers "beating, kicking, stabbing and dragging cows around with a rope. Some of the cows appear unable to walk and others appear to have bleeding wounds. One worker is shown poking the cows with a stick and jabbing a sharp instrument into the cow's back," according to Food World News.


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