Glenview Snow Survival, What You Need to Know

The Village can expect up to 11 inches of snow before Saturday afternoon

Long gone are 40-degree days! Snow and frigid temps have come to Glenview and according to weather reports, residents can expect between 5-8 inches today, with an additional 1-3 inches overnight.

Snow is expected to subside by tomorrow around noon and in the meantime, Public Works crews have been divided into two shifts and will be working around the clock until everything is cleaned up, Village Communications Director Lynne Stiefel told Patch.


It’s currently 16 degrees in Glenview, with temps expected to dip into the single digits tonight.

“When temperatures fall below 25 degrees, the Village applies calcium chloride to its salt to make it more effective in cold weather,” Stiefel added regarding Glenview’s snow removal strategy.

A reminder to residents that the Village does clear all major arterial sidewalks, including those along Harlem Avenue, Patriot Boulevard and Waukegan and Shermer Roads (see the above PDF for an official breakdown of IDOT, Cook County and Village responsibities). Crews do not clear sidewalks along residential streets, though.

The Village would like to remind homeowners of the following regulations and tips as Glenview settles into a blanket of the white stuff:

  • Pushing snow from your driveway into the street is prohibited by Village ordinance.
  • The Village relies on residents to keep the area around fire hydrants clear. It’s illegal under Village Code for anyone to redistribute snow in a way that covers a fire hydrant. So make sure you follow up after using a snow blower or employing a snow removal contractor.
  • During heavy snowfalls, plows make as many as four passes to keep roads clear. So it is possible plows may go by driveways that residents have already cleared. Snow generally rolls off the plow’s edge, so the Village suggests pushing snow to the right (as you face the street) as you clear a driveway so that it will be “downstream” of plows.
  • To keep plows from hitting garbage cans, place them on the curb, not in the street.
  • Never use your hand to clear a clog in a snow blower, even if the machine is unplugged. Instead, use a broom  handle.

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