For Turnabout Dance, Girls Plan "The Ask"

High school's spring dance means girls have to ask their dates, plan the evening.

You see it in books, romantic movies, etc. The boy approaching with flowers, asking the girl he’s been crushing on to the school dance. But in the modern world, the importance of equality is stressed throughout society, and the line between gender roles has been smeared. There are girls playing on the football team, and boys in ballet classes. So why do the boys still have to be the ones asking girls to the dance? Girls are fully capable of doing that.

That’s where Turnabout comes in. It’s a school dance that’s common around the North Shore, but it’s the opposite of homecoming. Remember when I talked about the unique ways that guys ask girls to the dance in ? Well guess what, now the girls are the ones brainstorming those new ideas.  Actually, I’d say that the asking aspect is one of the best parts of turnabout. 

Like for homecoming, there’s a whole process. Adults really don’t give us enough credit with all of the steps that we go through during events like these. First, it’s the date. It’s a must to notify your date before actually doing the whole creative asking part, because girls and guys want to be in agreement that they’re going with each other before everything begins. And if you don’t give him a heads up, you risk getting yourself into an extremely awkward situation after you’ve spent all of this time and money planning the “ask,” and he straight up turns you down. Save yourself the embarrassment, please.

This year, I shot my date a quick text, although we had been talking about possibly going to Turnabout together a few days before. I kept it short and sweet: so...tb 11?”. He laughed at the casualness of the message and from then on it was clear, we were going to the dance together.

For my last Turnabout, I put together 10 boxes nesting one inside another, then left it on my date’s bed. When he got to the last box, there was a small message that said for him to go to his window. Yes, he probably was expecting some cute rhyme on that paper, asking him to go to Turnabout with me, but no, I’m a trickster. On his window though, I wrote Turnabout? I had what I thought was a great idea this year, but it may go downhill due to complications with my date’s car being in the shop. Yikes! I can’t write the idea in this column in fear that he or someone else may see it and tell him, but I’ll keep you guys posted on how it all went down.

Along with the “ask,” the planning that the boys had to deal with for homecoming has also been set upon our shoulders, and it’s not as easy as it seems, especially with procrastinating friends like mine as we plan our group outing. Truthfully, we’re all too lazy to just get together and come in agreement on every detail. We’ve been trying to plan Turnabout for, I’d say maybe three weeks now? And we’re still at square one. Our biggest accomplishment so far was writing all of the possibilities for the night on my closet door, which doubles as a whiteboard. Real organized, guys.

Once those decisions are settled, the dress wars kicked in. And if you remember back from the homecoming article, when it gets to crunch time, dress shopping is not as elegant as it sounds. My sister and I are currently in the middle of WWIII because she just got a new BCBG bright pink and navy strapless dress that I absolutely adore, and I’m dying to wear it to Turnabout. The tags are still on it and it’s been lifeless in her closet since she’s gotten it, yet she is pulling every trick in the book in order to get me not to wear it. Since the dress is busy, I’m hoping to get some new nude heels that would give it a calm touch. I’m also thinking of getting some bangs, but that’s risky right before the dance. Should I be a daredevil? We’ll see. As for the “ask?” I’ll let you know how it goes.  

Dr. Warren Bruhl February 07, 2011 at 12:31 PM
Nice article, Britni
Laura Kuper February 07, 2011 at 12:53 PM
Another great article, Britni!! I am amazed at what the high school kids have to do these days for the dances!! It never used to be like that! Lots of thought and creativity for one day, thats for sure!!! Great article...again!!!!!
Christy O'Neal February 27, 2011 at 05:19 PM
I think you would look too cute with bang Britni! Be a daredevil.


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