Letter to the Editor: Glenview's Poor are Being Ignored

One Sunset Village resident shares experience of living at the mobile home park.

Dear Editor,

After years of abuse and neglect, we are still here in Illinois, paying in excess of nine hundred dollars a month for lot rent, and almost as much in mortgage payments on mobile homes.

For many of us our rent was raised by $270 a month last February. A clear violation of the caps mandated under Illinois law. We are obligated by our leases to pay but evidently in contrast to the law, we aren't entitled to the items in our lease agreements such as amongst but a few.

This has got to be one of the clearest examples of the Families are being displaced and torn apart. Their meager finances being decimated. And why? Because we happen to be poor, aged, handicapped and or members of a minority group defenseless against a rich, white slumlord, the courts and a complacent or complicit government.

The true measure of social equity is being fought right here and no one seems to be paying attention. While they've spent millions of taxpayer dollars on fantasy and follies they won't even provide protections under the basic tenets of the law. I guess the working class are no match against a corporate balance sheet and compassion and concern for the fellow man ends at the tips of their noses if not the curtain of the voting booth?

It's a sad example of what this democracy has become.

Chris Iosello
Sunset Village Resident

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