Arguments Over Cat, TV Cord Draw Police

A look at unusual crimes in our Patch region

Local police departments provided the following reports. In all incidents where an arrest occurred, a charge is merely an accusation and not evidence of guilt.

A 72-year-old Niles woman reported she had been in a verbal dispute with her husband, 69. The husband had been drinking all day and wanted to sleep with the family cat, according to police. The argument was over who would sleep with the cat.

A Northbrook man reported five decorative, solar powered lights taken from his garden.

A 25-year-old Niles man told police he got in a verbal dispute with his 47-year-old wife over watching television and sleeping. The couple said they have been having problems over those issues in the past several months, according to police, and argued about the television being on when the husband wanted to sleep. They began angrily taking turns pulling the TV plug out of the electric outlet and then plugging it back in, the report said.

A taxi pulled into the Skokie police station to report a theft of services. According to the report, the customer owed the taxi driver $55, but was allegedly too intoxicated to pay. When the taxi pulled into the station parking lot, the 53-year-old customer exited the car and began urinating, the report said. Police saw the man urinating and charged the man with disorderly conduct / public urination.

A Northbrook property manager discovered two stop signs missing from a rear parking lot.

Following an accident, Skokie police were directing traffic when a car driven by a 21-year-old refused to stop, according to the report. The driver finally came to a stop after an officer dodged his vehicle.

When officers asked him if he would perform a field sobriety test “he giggled and said ‘sure,’” according to the report. He was ultimately charged with disobeying a police officer, failure to wear a seatbelt and driving under the influence of drugs. The officer also reported finding a small amount of cocaine inside the vehicle, the report stated.


Gus August 04, 2012 at 12:39 PM


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