Tis the Season for IRS-Related Identity Theft

Several cases of identity theft related to tax refunds have been reported in Glenview, as have other recent cases of identity theft.

The following information is from the Glenview Police Department. An arrest is not an indication of guilt.

Identity Theft

On March 4, a resident reported receiving a letter from the IRS regarding a suspicious tax return. They called the IRS and told them they did not make the report, so the IRS agent requested they make a police report. 

On March 4 a resident reported they discovered five unauthorized charges on their credit card. All of the charges were made in various east coast states. They canceled their credit card and suffered no financial loss.

On March 5 a resident reported when they filed an electronic federal tax return the IRS rejected it stating they had already filed one. They called the IRS hotline and were told someone must have used their social security number. 

On March 7 a resident reported an unknown offender gained access to their email account and sent a request to their bank to transfer $6,000 from a savings account to a bank in Massachusetts. The transfer was never made.

On March 8 a resident reported that since October an unknown subject has used their identity to open up seven credit cards and take one bank loan out in their name. The estimated loss is approximately $6,600.

On March 8 a resident reported an unknown suspect used their credit card account to make an online purchase for $1,526.87 and had the item shipped to a residence in Antioch.

On March 10 two residents reported receiving a tax refund check in the mail even though neither completed their tax returns. They notified the IRS regarding the tax return and they called the post office and learned someone attempted to have their mail forwarded to an address in Chicago.

On March 10 a resident reported on two different occasions and at two different banks someone attempted to cash a $1,000 check against their checking account. They did not write the checks in question and the banks stated they would look into the incidents.   They suffered no financial loss.

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