A Plea From Sunset Village: ‘Give Us a Chance’

As families fear being uprooted from the Glenview community and losing their homes, one resident asks for support of a petition to prevent further ‘devastation.’

Dear Editor,

Whenever you turn on a television or read a news article nowadays, all you hear is a litany of things that certain people and groups want. We the residents at Sunset Village are a bit different.

; we don’t want pity, we don’t want a handout, we don’t want to gain an unfair advantage over anyone else at the expense of our integrity.

We also . We don’t want our children pushed out of the school system they enjoy so much.

We don’t want to reprisals from managers or others. And we don’t want to be cast out into the streets homeless and penniless with our only tangible investment shattered.

There are a few things we would like; we would like you to know that

We would like people to know that this situation can happen to anyone regardless of how careful and diligent you may be. We would like to ensure that there are safeguards in the future to .

We have made numerous inroads with various media outlets trying to get our story out in an effort to help others as well as ourselves. I would kindly ask anyone with an interest to please join our change.org petition at:


Despite the protestations to the opposite, the village of Glenview invested in quite a few things that were of less significance to fewer people.

They purchased for considerably more than it is worth now. They even invested in a home loan to the village manager who is the

I guess the question is why won’t they invest in the future of so many hardworking families and their children? Unlike some of their other investments they’ve made on your behalf, we honor our obligations and work very hard to be a part of the community at large rather than feed at the largess of the community.

So if there’s one thing that we do want, it is to be given a chance.


Chris Iosello
Sunset Village resident 

chris August 02, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Please stay tuned to CBS channel 2 news for an investigative segment they're doing on Sunset Village. Should air sometime this week.
N/A August 02, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Unfortunately, the Village Manager does not want a trailor park in Glenview, and is using this to his advantage. He will not invest money in saving these peoples homes.
chris August 02, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I think that may change as I have received calls from quite a few people including Senator Durbins office promising to get involved. I assume they were contacted by CBS as they work on our story? Patch has led this story and now there are two other major media outlets looking into this. With the Crestwood and Sauk Village water issues ongoing, this story takes on new significance.
chris August 23, 2012 at 02:37 PM
UPDATE AUGUST 21 In what was either a heartless business decision or a direct attempt at intimidation an auction company paraded around our park for five hours blaring a loudspeaker and leading dozens of bidders through the park with police escorts, selling homes for as little as $16,000 while holding mortgages on our homes for $120,000! I wonder what the reaction would be if this type of Pogrom was conducted in an affluent neighborhood? Seeing people ride around in a windowed "pope mobile" bidding on and adding to our fear and misery from air conditioned comfort? If it happened anywhere else, it would be a disturbance of the peace, but as it happens the police were here protecting the auctioneer and the vultures with more law enforcement presence in one day than we have seen here in three years.


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