Ban on Non-Park District Campers at Pools to Remain All Summer

Beginning June 27, Park District campers may return to pools, officials announced Friday. In an effort to reduce the number of swimmers, suspension of all non-park district camps will extend for the rest of the 2012 season.

In response to Glenview Park District officials announced today that a ban on all non-district camps at outdoor pools will last through the end of the summer season as they review policies and procedures.


While camps not affiliated with the park district will not have access to outdoor pool facilities for the remainder of the summer, all Glenview Park District-run camps that include swimming as part of their program will resume pool visits at both Roosevelt and Flick Outdoor Pools beginning Wednesday, June 27, officials said in a press release Friday afternoon.

According to the , suspending non-district camps from use of facilities during public swim hours will reduce the number of campers at pools by approximately 50 percent.

Additionally, the Park District will adhere to the policies already in place for it’s own camps, officials added.

These include:

  • A chaperone-camper ratio at the outdoor pools of one adult for every five children ages 5 years and younger and one adult for every 10 children ages six years and over.
  • A mandatory swim proficiency test requirement for all campers enrolled in a park district camp.

  • Campers who do not pass the test must wear a life vest when they are in the pools and must stay in the shallow end. Counselors have lists of those who must wear vests and will continue to enforce this procedure.

“We appreciate the community’s patience and our camp families’ patience while the park district continues to review its operational procedures and ensures that our Roosevelt Pool staff is prepared to return to normal operating hours,” said the park district’s Executive Director, Chuck Balling.

This weekend, (12 – 6 p.m.) but will resume regular swim hours beginning Monday.

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Glenview mom June 23, 2012 at 02:29 PM
I think this is a step in the right direction although not sure if its enough. I hope that if the pools still feel overcrowded when campers are there, that parents/caregivers as well as lifeguards speak up and let Chuck Balling know that camper attendance should be reduced further. One thing that many parents do, including myself, is to not go to the pool when campers are there because its too crowded. Given what happened, I think we owe it to the Cardenas' family and to our children, to speak up and voice our concerns rather than avoid something that feels unsafe. Not sure if we will be heard, but at least we tried. I have been to Flick since the incident happened and have noticed that lifeguards are standing at their chairs rather than sitting, which I don't recall seeing prior to the drowning. I have also noticed life guards in the pool at Flick, which again I don't recall seeing before. These are all steps in the right direction and I presume lifeguards at Roosevelt are doing the same thing. I think one additional measure that the park district should consider is adding a rope in the pool marking where the water starts to become deeper. I believe this is more effective than a line at the bottom of the pool. Its seems like rather than do this, the park district is having life guards in the pool at the lines, which is definitely better but hope its enough. My thoughts and prayers are with the Cardenas family.
Glenview Parent June 23, 2012 at 08:36 PM
I too have noticed a difference in the Lifeguards standing as well as being in the water with a flotation device and while I am happy to see this, I am hoping all caregivers/parents will consider using vests where appropriate and staying within arms length of your non-swimmers. I would also agree with roping off the deeper areas if a lifeguard is not able to patrol them by physically being in the water. Vicente was actually found in the pool utilized by the water slides and it is not clear how or why he was in that pool. I would think his caregiver would be one of the last people to have seen him and should be able to answer that question. If they lost sight of him.......why?
Glenview Parent June 23, 2012 at 08:39 PM
I do not mean to sound harsh in directing a question to his caregiver but in answering that question we can try to prevent another horrible tragedy from occuring.
A Concerned Parent June 23, 2012 at 09:23 PM
This is why I ask (in another comment section) that the press continue to follow this case and publicize the investigation's findings when they become available. It appears at this point all we are going to hear from the various parties is that they are reviewing their policies, being unable or unwilling to comment while the investigation is ongoing. Also, any comment accepting responsibility will likely result in litigation, the investigation will clearly place blame on those responsible individual or group.
Join June 23, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Pushing away groups and campers is NOT! The solution! to the PROCESS or PROBLEM! AWARENESS and ALERTNESS of Staff is the Problem. While it is nice to socialize with the guards at times, they also need to FOCUS Hence why after 2 or 2.5 HOURS in the Chair they are supposed to have Relief or 10-15 minute break! But if Relief does not come and they go straight through and assume additional shifts with no relief alertness does decline. Having been a lifeguard myself and having had that happen to me at times additional adult or parent guardian supervision is required. Not to speak light of the tragedy, nor provide an excuse for the staff involved, where were the: parents? Chaperons? lifeguard involved? While it is nice to socialize with friends and families and parents FOCUS must be the key when at the water! It only takes minutes to be fatal. Taking restrictive measures now retroactive is NOT the answer. If more staff is needed hire more seasonal adjunct staff. There are many that are responsible. We have a big additional tax to pay for these new pools. Lets use it! The Season is SHORT!! Jobs are scarce and would be welcome! Turning away revenue is wrong! It encourages less work
Kelly K June 23, 2012 at 11:50 PM
I don't understand why they had to redesign the pool from how it was when it was round with the deep end in the middle. The deep end literally had a metal fence around it and the lifeguards back then seemed to be really watchful of people who went in and out the couple of openings in that gate. There was also a roped off section for little kids with a kiddie slide and whatever. I haven't been to that pool since long before it was redesigned but that gate around the deep end with lifeguards sitting in the middle tower as well as walking around the perimeter of the pool all the time seemed to work really well. I grew up going to that pool and the only accidents I saw there were people falling cause they were running on wet concrete or a couple of times people for hurt on the diving boards. Why not bring back the fenced in deep end? It worked before I'm sure it will work again! Is anyone from Roosevelt pool reading this? Bring back the fence! And ban swimming forever for camps with kids ages 8 and under. Kids that little have no business going to the pool without adequate parental supervision like they do with lazy camp counselors who are too busy texting their lame friends than watching the little kids in their charge!
CGIL June 24, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Why are the campers being banned? I had children in Camp FunView and the fun for them was the pool. Have them come to the pool in the morning as they have suggested in the past?


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