Election 2012: Kyle Frank

Kyle is running against Laura Fine in the race for State Representative of Illinois' 17th District.


Kyle Frank

Position Sought

State Representative 17th District

Campaign Contact Information, Please include any or all of the following: website, email address, phone number, Facebook page, Twitter account, mailing address, etc.



Northwestern, B.A.  M.S. 

Vanderbilt J.D. 



Political Party

Republican Party

Previous Elected or Appointed Offices


Is there any additional experience you believe qualifies you for this position? 

Understanding the law help determine whether potential solutions are constitutional. 

What would your priorities be if elected to this office? 

End the surtax, freeze property taxes.       

Illinois' unfunded pension liability is $83 billion. The state's inability to address the issue recently led Moody's to downgrade Illinois' credit rating. What should be done to address the state's rising pension obligations. 

This question has several parts. We must first pass a safe version of pension reform, which will be upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court. Although, I do not have a problem with shifting the pension burden of our state universities to  its users, I do object to shifting TRS liability to property tax payers. I think we can privatize services in our schools, including administrators which will indirectly lessen pension liability. I also believe that current teachers should choose between health insurance and COLA clauses. Once this has cleared the court, we can additional reform remedies.

What are the most important issues facing your district and what would you do as a legislator to address them?

Property taxes. We need a property tax freeze. We must end the surtax, and end the three decade rule of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Illinois' state government has a terrible reputation in terms of corruption. What would you do to change the culture of state government that has seen recent governors from both political parties convicted of felonies? 

Voters in my district can make a difference by the tenure of  Mike Madigan's  House Speaker. Elections matter. 

Education in Illinois is funded primarily through local property taxes. What changes, if any, would you make to that funding system? 

Education should be funded by local government which are close to the people. 

Illinois recently passed a significant increase in its income tax, yet the state continues to run a deficit. What specially should be done to reduce the deficit? 

Medicade reform in additon to pension reform.

Why would you do a better job representing the district than your opponent? 

I understand that this will be a difficult job. I am not running to give back to the community, I am running to establish policies that will bring more taxpayers to the state. This will permanently reduce our long term budget deficit.


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