Environmental Groups Endorse Schneider, Dold

Sierra Club backs Schneider while ConservAmerica supports Dold.

will be receiving the endorsement of the Sierra Club in his effort to challenge for the 10th Congressional seat, according to club member Barbara Klipp.

Klipp, who chairs the Sierra Club’s political committee for its Woods and Wetlands Chapter encompassing most of the District, told Patch Tuesday why the organization is backing Schneider.

“We listened to Brad’s views on the environment and his agenda is 100 percent aligned with that of the Sierra Club,” Klipp said. “He has shown us how he will lead in Lake County on the environment to create jobs and pursue a clean environment.”

Dold, more than 18 months ago, received the support of ConservAmerica Tuesday during a news conference at Highland Park’s Rosewood Beach.

ConservAmerica President Rob Sisson cited Dold’s record on preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWAR) and other issues along with his bipartisan approach to environmental legislation.

“Congressman Dold routinely rises above the partisan divisiveness in Congress to safeguard our environment,” Sisson said. “We need people in Congress who are willing to do that. He is one of the few (Republicans).”

ConservAmerica is a group which backs Republicans who support environmental issues, according to Sission. He praised Republican leadership on the environment from President Theodore Roosevelt through President Richard Nixon’s creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dold has broken with Republican leadership on environmental issues like ANWAR. He worked with Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Springfield), Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Highland Park) and Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Western Springs) on legislation to protect Lake Michigan when he first got to Congress.

“We need to stand up to project our air, water and our jewel of the Great Lakes,” Dold said, pointing to Lake Michigan at the news conference. “All I can do is stand on my record on the environment,” he added, referring to the Sierra Club endorsement that went to Schneider.

Schneider was pleased with the endorsement and reinforced his commitment to environmental values.

“I firmly believe that protecting our environment and creating 21st century jobs go hand-in-hand because innovation in the field of green, renewable energy will be the key to American success in the global marketplace and at home,” Schneider said.

Klipp was not only pleased with Schneider’s positions on the issues, but critical of some of Dold’s votes. She does not believe he has been sufficiently supportive of environmental issues.

“I analyzed 200 environmental votes and he voted for the environment on 15 percent of them. “Of those 15 percent, only four of them were passed,” Klipp said. “We believe this is an environmentally sensitive district.”

Sisson was critical of Klipp’s analysis. Though the Sierra Club does not score members of Congress, groups like the League of Conservation voters do. That group endorsed Schneider.

“They use procedural votes and other techniques to get the outcome they want,” Sisson said, hinting they have a political agenda.

RB August 29, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Most moderate Republican in Congress? First, there may not be any moderate Republicans in Congress but that's besides the point. He is not a voter for a clean environment. A few show votes here and there when Boehner or Cantor don't mind. Schneider is running in the 10th District against Republican incumbent Congressman Bob Dold, who earned a poor score of 34% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard for 2011 – his first year in office. Congressman Dold has cemented an anti-environment record in Washington, voting repeatedly to slash funding for the EPA. Congressman Dold consistently sided with the Tea Party to eliminate protections against carbon pollution, air and water pollutants, mercury emissions, airborne gases like sulfur dioxide, and would allow pollutants, like arsenic and mercury, in drinking water to go unregulated. This record is in stark contrast with his Republican predecessor Mark Kirk, who had previously earned the LCV Action Fund’s endorsement and lifetime mark of 64% on the National Environmental Scorecard, nearly twice as high as Mr. Dold’s. The above from League of Conservation voters.
Anonymous August 30, 2012 at 03:15 AM
Isn't it a conflict of interest that the author of this article WORKED for Sierra Club and was a founding member of the 10th District Democrats? Is this responsible reporting, Patch?
Anonymous August 30, 2012 at 03:16 AM
So proud of Brad for receiving the endorsement of a group that has yet to endorse a single Republican this year.
McCloud August 30, 2012 at 11:10 AM
The Bozo puter is as a credible as the National Enviornmental Scorecard, who are they a couple of dudes who are in need of a shower working out of their garage?
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