Glen Population Rise May Mean More Money for Village, Park District, Library

Population climbed by a few hundred in the last year.

There has been an increase in residents living at , and that could translate into more money for local agencies, according to a report recently released from the .

In 2011, data showed 4,854 residents living in 12 development areas of the former , up from 4,649 in 2010.

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The report was compiled as a result of an annual census the village conducts to determine annual payments to school districts and , , and the village itself, while Glen property taxes are diverted to a tax increment financing district (TIF), explained village communications director Lynne Stiefel.

"It would be likely that the payments would be higher for the park district, village and library based on the rise in population as a whole, since they are based on a per capita formula," Stiefel added in an email to Patch.

However, officials don't track if residents moved from other areas of the village or outside of it.

The Glen is comprised of almost 1.5 square miles or 1,121 acres of new homes, offices and retail space, according to the village website.

Ehlers and Associates, Inc., the agency that compiled the report, identified 1,966 homes of the 2,074 occupied in The Glen. Ehlers reported that 92.8 percent of the homes contacted to obtain the data responded.

The number of children living in The Glen enrolled in schools increased from 1,041 in 2010 to 1,119 this year, but those numbers aren't used to calculate payment to local schools, Stiefel said.

"The payments to the school districts are based on the number of children in attendance from The Glen using their attendance records, not The Glen census. So we don't know those numbers yet," she said.

Though officials have not yet calculated the payments, the data is the first step.

"The payments are typically a year behind for the park district, village and library since they depend on audited financials," Stiefel said.

Payments made for village entities last year include:

  • $8.8 million - School District 34 (2010 payment)
  • $2.8 million - School District 225 (2010 payment)
  • $1.3 million - Glenview Park District (2010 payment)
  • $1.2 million - Village of Glenview (2009 payment made in 2010)
  • $639,500 - Glenview Public Library (2009 payment made in 2010)

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