Glenview D34 Supports Anixter Tax Break

The middle school district joins D225 and village trustees in supporting an incentive plan which will save the Fortune 500 $2.6 million dollars in taxes over a 12-year period.

Glenview school District 34 is among the most recent tax-supported bodies to stand behind a property tax break for communications products giant Anixter to move into the Glen, according to Glenview Announcements.

The building and four acres of land, 2591 Compass Rd., have been vacant since 1998. And, Anixter’s headquarters, which employs 670 and has been located in Glenview since 2002, is just west of the Compass Rd. space.

Anixter was granted a 12-year tax reduction that officials anticipate will generate $1.6 million in added property taxes for the village and an additional 150 jobs, Glenview Announcements reports. Without the break, Anixter’s tax bill would have been $4.2 million during that same period.

The company has not yet decided whether or not to lease the site but will offer a final verdict in June.

For the full story, including more details on the tax break and how Cook County is involved, click here.

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