Hileman's Planning Saves Glenview An Estimated $460K

Glenview's Village Manager received a special award in early May for his financial planning.

Village Manager Todd Hileman was given the Outstanding Manager Award by the Illinois Association of Municipal Assistants in DeKalb on May 9, the Sun-Times reports.

Hileman received the honor for his 2011 financial planning, which saved the village $460,000, according to the Sun-Times. The plan, known as the the Municipal Partnering Initiative, grouped together "22 nearby villages bidding for public works projects as one unit with more buying power to save public money."

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In addition to his fiscal efforts, Hileman has worked , heading up an area task force examining the electrical . 

This is the second award Hileman's Initiative has won, in April the plan received a nod from the Alliance for Innovation.

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Bruno Behrend June 15, 2012 at 02:44 PM
These awards remind me of how every vehicle wins at least one JD Powers & Associates Survey, as long as they pay for it. The Illinois Municipal Spending Engine ( The associations that works to drive spending) can certainly find ways to award folks for something. Here is a fact that isn't really being reported. Glenview's spending on total annual wages was some $6 million more over 10 years than had it merely kept pace with inflation. It was $31 million (2010 numbers), and it would have been $25,421,603.39 had it kept pace with inflation. http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ IL has too many governments with too many employees, earning too much money and with too high a benefit level. Public employment is killing this state, and it MUST. BE. CUT.


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