Independent Village President Candidate Receives Threatening Note

Christopher Rintz, who’s running against the Caucus-slated Gene Greable, received an anonymous note promising to spread embarrassing information against him if he decides to run for village president in Winnetka.

An independent candidate for village president in Winnetka told the Chicago Tribune that he received an anonymous note threatening to spread embarrassing personal information if he decides to run in the April 9 elections. 

Christopher Rintz, who’s running against the Caucus-slated Gene Greable for the Village President seat, says the note included an article about a Glenview boy who died while playing in a construction site on a property that belonged to Rintz’s development company, New England Builders; information on a failed deal related to the company; and the words, “If you think it’s bad what was done to Pat Livney, wait til you see what is said about you … We hope you appreciate the enclosed materials and good luck,” the Tribune reported. 

In November when Livney attempted but failed to challenge the Caucus’ slate of trustee candidates, some Winnetka residents raised concerns about a speech Livney made at a Winnetka Public Schools District 39 board meeting and his involvement in a lawsuit in New Mexico. 

At that time, Livney told residents he was so angry while making the speech because the district had shown a slavery film containing adult topics. Watch the video of the speech.

Rintz to Mount Independent Bid Against Greable

“I think under the circumstances surrounding the selection process that this year the residents of Winnetka deserve a choice on the ballot.”

As for the emotional topic of affordable housing, Rintz does not believe it is going to happen following recent debate within the village.

“That is an issue that has had its time in the light and the community made it clear that they don’t want to discuss it,” he said.  “If I were president the only way I could see affordable housing as an issue would be if there was a broad based mandate.”

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Solely January 02, 2013 at 07:32 PM
Paula- I found it. First response to e rechrin's letter nov 12: .............Are you named as a defendant in any pending lawsuits? A: Me personally?-No. But a certainTrustee was a defendent in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a little boy in Glenview-Evan Rohrer.That "suit" was settled for $2 Million in 2005-Five years after the boy drowned in a sand pile at a work site.That's just one case...there are many others. It would have been great if Ms. Rechtin & friends had asked these questions of that person when he was slated 4 yrs ago. Now that person is hinting at running for Village President.(Hint: it's not Gene) I'm heartened to know that YOU Ms. Rechtin will be "on the case" to make sure someone with chronic, multiple active legal entanglements that are documented, including one in which a CHILD DIED, won't make the cut for any village position........... Read all of winnetka's posts. She's gone after individuals and personally named them and has suggested "running people out of town." I've never read a post from her that was positive or even neutral....
A Paddy January 02, 2013 at 07:42 PM
Ms. Skaggs: The comment referred about which you inquired was to a November 12, 2012 letter to the editor supporting Joe Adams for Village Trustee.
Trevian 87 January 02, 2013 at 07:53 PM
A Paddy- Great idea for all of us to make that resolution! Personally, I hope Carry Buck and company will commit to a "no smear" policy as well. But remember the last election and how WHOA treated Pedian so they could get Spinney? They'll do anything to get their man Greable elected if you look at their decades- old history of vicious "campaigning."
Mr X January 02, 2013 at 08:47 PM
I do remember the newsletter jenni Spinney was handing out on election morning. It was vile & whoa paid for it. They were soliciting money from residents for weeks to pay for it. No one is suggesting they had anything to do with the Chris Rintz package, but it is quite interesting to me how soon in to the conversation chain re: personal attacks & nasty campaigns whoa popped up. But it is not surprising given that they created entire web sites and posted video clips dedicated to harassing individuals. They have questioned residency and singled out people for political signage - these weren't even candidates, just private residents. And we all know how many times recently "they" have slammed the caucus and president tucker. (Is whoa a pac or not? I have heard they reg then unreg and skirt around the regulations) Good luck Chris Rintz. I'm amazed and thankful anyone is willing to run for office in this village.
John King January 03, 2013 at 01:08 PM
I echo Mr. X's points; keep going Chris and know that at least a few Winnetkans are for democracy.


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