Officials Ask IDOT To Reopen Part of Shermer Road

Shermer Road might have some vehicular traffic sooner than we thought, but it will open permanently later this year.

The following report was part of Northbrook's weekly village staff memo.

Now that the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) has completed the superstructure for the new bridge and reestablished full train service, numerous inquiries have been received for the possible temporary reopening of Shermer Road to vehicle traffic prior to the necessary final roadway pavement and right-of way restoration expected this spring.

The temporary re-opening of Shermer Road before final restoration under the new bridge is at the discretion of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). IDOT is the agency that owns and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Shermer Road between Willow Road and Old Willow Road (which includes underneath the UPRR bridge).

The Agreed Order between the UPRR, Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), IDOT and the Villages of Glenview and Northbrook stipulates that Shermer Road is to be restored to its original condition and reopened by September 30, 2014. Both Villages have requested a temporary re-opening of Shermer Road and an accelerated schedule to complete the final restoration work.

The UPRR’s civil engineering consultant is on schedule to submit interim and final pavement and right-of-way restoration plans to IDOT’s Permit Division by the end of this week for their review and hopeful approval.

If IDOT approves a temporary re-opening of Shermer Road to vehicle traffic underneath the bridge, the existing storm sewer system that drains the roadway under the bridge must first be repaired. 

The UPRR is still in the process of finishing the wing walls for the bridge substructure, too. This work is expected to be completed in the next week, or so. The storm sewer system repair work would start after this.

There will also be necessary interim repairs for the roadway pavement to make it safe for vehicle passage. The typical repair material is asphalt, which is not currently available because all the area production plants have closed for the winter season. 

If IDOT approves a temporary re-opening of Shermer Road under the UPRR bridge, an additional road closure in the future will be necessary to complete the permanent pavement.


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