POLL: Corporate Tax Breaks, Good For Glenview?

With vacancies downtown and throughout the village, are generous tax incentives a must to keep current tenants in town and entice new ones to set up shop?

Several corporate landowners are requesting tax breaks to come to town, stay put or improve existing properties, according to a recent Journals & Topics article.

Companies like Anixter—located in the Glen and looking to expand—are seeking breaks from the Village but what might that mean for Glenview homeowners down the line?

A recent tax incentive provided to , for example, requires the Village pony up $250,000 in development costs for the site before the dealership hands over a penny of sales tax, according to the article. Additionally, McGrath will receive another 25% sales tax rebate of Glenview home rule sales tax revenues reach $400,000 per year.

When officials hope to fill the vacancy with a new tenant or a redeveloped facility for Kraft. 

While it’s important to attract and keep businesses in town, and keeping sites occupied means keeping retail and dining sales tax dollars flowing to the Village, the verdict is still out on how officials’ corporate tax breaks will fare in the long run. For more on the story, including a look at specific figures, click here. 

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Tom Kloempken May 04, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I would love to see tax breaks for businesses made illegal nationwide which would then make a level playing field without one town, county or state trying to beat out the other. It just shifts more of the burden to the little old taxpayer. Look also at the many companies such as Sears that leave as soon as their tax break expires because they found another sucker to provide another break.
C H May 04, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Non-corporate smaller businesses in Glenview, some of whom have been here for YEARS and are struggling in this economy, aren't entitled to special incentives. Yet large corporations or businesses backed by large corporations are entitled to such incentives? It just goes to show that the officials running this town are really a bunch of amateurs, and apparently many residents of Glenview are in even more of a brain-fog to be fooled by this bunch. I applaud you Joanna for bringing stories like this to the forefront of what is going on locally. With such mounting vacancies around town, I wonder if The Glen alone will be enough to support the rest of Glenview? Residents of Glenview, it's time to wake up to what your leaders are being paid to do. Todd Hileman's total annual compensation (311k) is nearly the salary of the President of the United States, would you guess his job load is the same? Chuck Balling has an equally outrageous salary/benefits package (241k). I wonder how many residents are aware that Mr. Balling lives in a house where ALL his expenses are provided for by the Village, funded by us taxpayers. This outrageous pay is rampant throughout top tier employees in the Village and having taxpayers fund pay packages like these in a time like this is outrageous. Wake up residents, this is your Glenview!
William May 04, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Realestate taxes are too high and should be going down with values, as well as Glenview government leaders should be reducing their salaries accordingly. NO company deserves to get our tax money to stay in one of the most sought after towns in metro chicago. Threats of leaving is a great ploy they all learned in recent years... call their bluff!!!
Glenn Farkas May 08, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Businesses have a right to negotiate their deals with the city. We just have incompetent or corrupt negotiators, or both. Mr. Kloempken suggests making tax breaks (ie competition) illegal across the country. Why should local governments not have to compete for revenues? Maybe Best Buy and Abt should be forced to price all of their TVs at the same rate so one does not gain an advantage over the other. Are local governments entitled to high (and ever growing) property and sales taxes? If they are not forced to compete, they will continue sticking it to us. Why do you think the property taxes on our homes are so high? They know that families are less mobile, especially if you have children in the school districts. They can suck your net worth dry via your home and you can do little about it, except move. Good luck trying to sell your home in this market. The bottom line is that all levels of government are trying to provide services well above what the tax base can afford. Instead of reducing costs (like the salaries of the aforementioned village employees) they continue to hike taxes on a disengaged public. The answer: get involved in your local politics and put people in place that will lower the tax burden on all citizens...
Widow May 15, 2012 at 05:24 PM
William... You are an idiot!!!! Benton harbor mi called a bluff on whirlpool and now a once great town is a ghetto... Look at a slew of cities in Michigan and why Michigan went down the tubes super super fast... If a company can move and save millions they will.. The proof is in cities like Rochester NY and Benton Harbor... Companies don't bluff they act!!! That said I don't think the city should just fall to every demand a company makes... But the city shouldn't deny all requests either... I am a business owner in glenview.. And I wish the small businesses would get a break. Glenview has spent a ton of money on the glen and new police station and exercise facilities in recent years. I wish they would help the small businesses too!!! No point in helping a billion dollar company if that same. It's can't help the small businesses.. Our downtown area is pathetic compared to the rest of the north shore.. Glenview and Waukegan looks like a disaster with a coin shop, a bar and a shoe store... Wow what a great strip to walk!! No wonder no one walks it!! Glenview needs to get it's act together so more companies come to glenview and more stay!!! Small and large alike!!


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