Storm Water Management Plan Shows Worth After Record Rainfall

Village Board learns master plan is working.

After Glenview experienced a , the Village Board learned Tuesday at its regularly scheduled meeting that efforts to deal with are beginning to make a difference. 

Capital Projects Director Joseph Kenney briefed the board on the progress of the multi-pronged effort of the Storm Water Management Task Force master plan to rein in flooding that affects Glenview each time there is heavy storm. He also gave a brief report on the record 6.41 inches of rainfall.


 “We want to eliminate severe backups, reduce the risk of flooding and over the long term improve the drainage system,” Kenney said. Some of the projects are joint efforts with other governmental agencies. 

Kenney reported that water in the Techny basin after the record- setting torrents was 75 percent of what it had been after previous storms. He also noted improvement in areas along Pfingsten Road, in the East of Harms Sanitary System areas and the Navy Bypass Sewer. 

One project in particular that has not been getting popular support is a cost sharing arrangement where any citizen will have 50 percent of the cost of storm water repairs matched by Glenview up to $7,500. Only 12 people have availed themselves of the opportunity so far. 

Trustee warned events like the recent storm will still bring severe damage regardless of the Village’s efforts. 

“There are certain things you can’t engineer for,” Detlefs said. “The things we’re doing in certain areas are great but some things will happen we can’t keep from happening," he added, referring to the storms.

Village President said she is pleased with the improvements and glad the report was made to the public.

“Better the water is in the street than in basements,” Cummings said praising the effect of the improvements. “It’s important we report to the public on our goals and progress. The program is beginning to show how important it is.”

In another storm related matter, the board agreed to purchase a new wood chipper for a total investment of $53,450. The existing tool was damaged beyond repair as it was used to clear debris after the June 21 storm.

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