Study: Glenview Village Manager Second Highest Paid in Illinois

Village Manager Todd Hileman's annual salary is ranked second highest in the state, according to conservative organization For The Good of Illinois. Hileman banks more than Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the study said.

With an annual salary of $245,653 in 2011, Glenview Village Manager Todd Hileman is the No. 2 highest paid village manager in the state of Illinois, according to a new study by For The Good of Illinois, a conservative leaning public interest group.

Additionally, Hileman was one of seven Village Managers who made more money than Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the study said.

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Other burbs with managers who also banked more than Emanuel last year include: Northbrook, Highland Park, Skokie, Schaumburg, Grayslake and Gurnee.

The study, which lists the 13 highest paid village managers in Illinois, also said Hileman’s salary has seen rapid rise in the last six years, increasing 34 percent since 2005 when he made $182,800.

Although Hileman’s salary went up significantly, total salaries in Glenview have only gone up modestly, the study said. In 2005, total salaries were $29,463,269; in 2011, they were $31,916,368.

Village supports Hileman's salary

Glenview Patch contacted several Village officials including Village President Kerry Cummings and Village Communications Director Lynne Stiefel to comment on the study. 

“The Village of Glenview Board of Trustees is responsible for the hiring and salary of the Village Manager," Cummings told Patch via e-mail.

"Our Board hired Todd Hileman to bring 'private-sector type thinking and management' to government," she continued. " of the Village through a wide variety of initiatives – municipal partnering, exploring alternative delivery methods, testing service levels, cross training and  privatization to name a few.”

Stiefel pointed to several 'dramatic changes' Glenview has implemented since Hileman joined the Village including continued budget reduction efforts. (See PDFs above for more details from the Village).

According to the current budget proposal from the Village of Glenview, the Village intends to balance its budget and not raise taxes in the process.

While the year-to-year budget is balanced, according to Open the Books, For The Good of Illinois’ data mining initiative of Illinois municipal budgets, Glenview has increased its total appropriations from $87,049,066 in 2005 to $182,488,880 today.

Policy Director speaks to Patch

Bruno Behrend, the policy director at For The Good of Illinois, told Patch the watchdog group only looked at budget items and does not judge the overall worth of any specific village manager.

With that caveat, Behrend emphasized that larger salaries weren’t only a current commitment but . Recently, pensions have  and nationally, playing a critical role in the unsuccessful recall election of Governor Scott Walker. 

Behrend told Glenview Patch that he believes the numbers his group lists for compensation are a closer depiction of actual cost to local taxpayers.

“Our data represents the earned wages as they are reported to the various pension systems," he said. "It is a more accurate representation of the true cost to the taxpayer than the base salary contract.”

N/A June 15, 2012 at 02:43 PM
A study should be conducted for the number of employees that have been laid off since he started. It may surprise many to see that his salary has risen at the expense of others actually working to make the Village a better place.
JOHN SMITH June 17, 2012 at 02:54 PM
beauregard June 18, 2012 at 02:09 PM
They coulda hired a few more lifeguards at the pool for what their paying this fat cat.
RobynB June 18, 2012 at 05:33 PM
This really needs to be examined by the Village Board, with so many empty building downtown that aren't paying sales tax, a sweet TIF agreement that allows the Glen not to pay their fair share and issues related to our electrical service, I don't think Mr. Hileman is earning his pay "private sector thinking or not" I would like to know what his performance goals are every year. Also with this kind of salary, the State of Illinois will be burdened with an outrageous pension to pay for, that is if the State doesn't transfer responsibility for local pensions onto the local governments, then Glenview will be paying for Mr. Hileman long after he is no longer working for us.
C H June 18, 2012 at 09:10 PM
The following information was reported by The Journal’s “Glenview Pay Watch” series done in late 2011. Todd Hileman used to receive $10,000 in yearly compensation for housing on a home loan issued by the village. Hileman’s total annual cost of compensation to taxpayers - $311,226. Charles Balling (Park District Executive Director) receives a base salary of $181,625, use of a park district vehicle for personal use, an annual bonus of $3,000 and annual differed compensation of $9,391. Balling also receives a benefit few other executives in any government serving Glenview do; use of a three-bedroom, 2,000 sq. ft. park district-owned home that includes maintenance, upkeep and utilities paid for by the park district and its taxpayers. Balling’s total compensation package costs $241,741, not including the park district-owned car or home. Other top Glenview officials and their (salary + compensation packages) total cost to taxpayers include: Gerald Hill (Former Dist. 34 Supt.) - $359,669. Mike Riggle (Glenbrook High School Supt.) - $257,750. William Fitzpatrick (Police Chief) - $210,600. + personal use of a take home village vehicle. Donald Owen (Deputy Village Manager) - $207,606. Mary Bak (Director of Development) - $206,489. Wayne Globerger (Fire Chief) - $219,607 + personal use of a take home village vehicle. Amy Ahner (Dir. Of Admin. Services) - $195,994. Jerome Burke (Director of Public Works) – $179,838.
C H June 18, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Joseph Kenney (Director Capital Projects) - $190,573. Christopher Clark (Dir. of Special Projects) - $182,025. Ralph Ensign (Deputy Fire Chief) - $196,011 + personal use of a take home village vehicle. Vickie Novak (Library Director) - $196,132.87 + use of a vehicle provided by the library valued annual at $1,850. Jane Berry (Assistant Library Director) - $132,247.56. Muffet Schroer (Library Head of Technical Services) - $118,750.40. Robert Quill (Park District Supt. Leisure Services) – $160,950. Cheryl Deom (P.D. Supt. Special Facilities) - $156,603. Barb Cremin (P.D. Supt. of Admin Ops) - $154,554. Fred Gullen (P.D. Supt. of Park & Facility Svc) - $148,102. Rick Wilson (Golf Course Supt.) - $131,642. Liz Gogloa (P.D. Dir. Marketing & Communications) – $128,342. Dave Woolf (P.D. Manager Tennis Club) $119,082. Jim Weides (P.D. Manager Ice Center) - $117,998. Mike Sullivan (P.D. Supervisor Park Services) - $116,074.
Bob Redlinski June 19, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Hands are going down... Property taxes are so high I 'm no longer sure we own our house or rent. We trust wrong people! Bob
Graham Davis June 21, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Well, it certainly looks as though he wears his compensation well.
JOHN SMITH July 07, 2012 at 02:21 AM
And the village still wants to cut services. be prepared. all the chiefs are getting raises and your services will be cut. more plow sections, tree work. yet they have 2 deputy public works directors and many more chiefs under them.
Danni July 10, 2012 at 08:44 PM
This is good folks-they brought him in to bring "private sector thinking"-wow-private sector thinking includes to most vital of thoughts-called "private sector wages" and the implication is private is better for Glenview than public-just not in salary-if you want to find out more about how you can hold their feet to the fire, attend a meeting at the Arlington Heights Village Hall at 7:00 PM, Thursday July 12th and a Tax Protest Rally in Oswego at Hudson Crossing Park, Washington and Rt. 34, July 13th, from 12:00 noon to 8:00 PM, down by the river-or you can just keep paying until you run out of money-nothing will change-you'll just lose your house later, not sooner-but by the time you lose it at least you will be losing a lot less-you know-property values.
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