Village Warns of 'Aggressive' Solicitors

The following is from the Village of Glenview:

Aggressive door-to-door and phone solicitors have been contacting Glenview residents about switching from their current energy supplier to an alternative supplier. Unless they've opted out, most Glenview residents are supplied with energy through the Village's Electric Aggregation Program

Residents should be wary of claims made by high-pressure solicitors and about providing them with a copy of their current energy bill. The personal information on your bill may enable an unapproved transfer of energy providers. 

Neither the Village nor its supplier, MC2, will contact a resident by phone or ask for an account number, and all correspondence will be on official Village letterhead. "No Solicitors" stickers are available from the Village Manager's Office at 1225 Waukegan Road.

Complaints can be filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission's Consumer Services Division complaint  line at (800) 524-0795 or online.  


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