'Chicago' Mag Ranks Glenbrook South 4th Best High School in Suburban Cook County

Glenview’s Avoca West and Willowbrook were both ranked among the top 20 elementary schools in the county as part of the magazine’s touted list.

is the No. 4 best high school in suburban Cook County, according to rankings released by Chicago magazine last week.

District 225 neighbor Glenbrook North ranked No. 1, followed by New Trier, and Prospect High School rounding out the top three.

and made the magazine’s list for best elementary schools at No. 11 and 13 respectively.

Using a formula based on spending per student, student-teacher ratio and scores on state tests, among other factors, the magazine issued rankings of the top 20 elementary schools and top 20 high schools in suburban Cook County. 

When Chicago magazine released rankings in 2010,  Many parents and teachers expressed frustration and a correction was later made.

While GBS was among Chicago Magazine's picks for top five high schools in the county, , released earlier this year. When asked about those rankings, GBS that the school was left off the list.

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Earl Weiss August 20, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Niles Dist 219 was ranked first on the list! For spending. Per Pupil spending was 10% more than the next highest on the list. Dist 219 residents still wonder why the taxes are obscene?
Sierra Leonne August 21, 2012 at 05:53 PM
According to my experience there and my opinion, they're only highly rated BECAUSE they spend that much. In my senior math class, they couldn't do anything without that fancy calculator that you had to buy for $100+. The teacher kinda left the process of adding the math and showing your work out of class.... When learning matrix's and learning sigma's, she just said "you don't need to worry about learning the proccess, I'll show you how, but you don't need to worry about it. Just plug it into the calculator." Or basically that's the jist of what was said. In my old school in Henderson, NV (even though I am a IL native, just lived there for a while) We all had to go off manual math and displayed how to work that problem in addition to showing our work. I remember hours of working my ass off, writing the numbers down in a matrix, MANUALLY finding the determent for each problem in a whole lot of different ways. My math teacher there was EXCELLENT and the whole school system there was educationally challenging. Just saying, don't trust ratings... And another thing about this school I don't quite get... is.. why do the students have to pay for the books if they're really saying pay per student? Shouldn't it be with all that money they would have enough to buy a classroom set of books? Luckily I was on aid at the time when I went there.. However, normally students don't have have to pay for books until college or its a private school.


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