GBS Students Make Compelling Anti-Cyber Bullying Video

The students target the app Yik Yak, but speak out with strong images and words against all anonymous online bullying.

Three students are tied, chained and handcuffed to a stairway banister with nasty signs hung around their necks as their classmates walk by in droves, staring at them.

This is the image Glenbrook South High School students used to show the dangers of the app Yik Yak, which has been used to spread anonymous nastiness around school campuses. The app lets users post anonymous text messages to anyone within a certain radius.

The video says the app is being used at GBS.

Students in Scott Glass's media collage class created the video to highlight the dangers of platforms that let students anonymously bash each other online. In voice-overs, students point out the problems with apps like Yik Yak.

“Now that nobody knows it’s me, I can say whatever I want,” one says about users’ motivation.

“No one deserves to be trash talked like that, especially anonymously,” says another. “I’m sure half those people can’t say what they’re saving on Yik Yak in reality.”

The three-minute video, which you can watch above or here, ends with white words on a black screen that read: “Be responsible, be aware, and be accountable.”

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