Glenbrook South Students Spin DJ Business

Health Potion, the brainchild of GBS students Emilio Isasi and Kevin Matthein, will be the first student DJs to perform during the GBS Turnabout dance.

Emilio Isasi and Kevin Matthein are the first students to get invited to DJ at the Glenbrook South Turnabout dance, according to a press release. Their act, Health Potion, will entertain up to 1,000 students on March 2.

As DJs and partners, Isasi and Matthein serve different functions in Health Piton. Isasi arranges music and provides the performance, while Matthein oversees stating and sound quality. They first formed in January, 2012 and mainly perform electronic, house, moombahton and dubstep music.

Isasi came up with the act's name while playing video games, the GBS student newspaper, The Oracle, reported.

When I get in the zone at a party, I can go for four to six hours and not even realize that," Isasi told the school paper.

Outside the group, Matthein is a photographer and creates video for the GBS television station. Isasi was captain of the men's gymnastics team for the last two years.

Turnabout attendees are encouraged to submit music requests online at https://soundcloud.com/health-potion/wut-vs-ios. For bookings, contact Emilio Isasi or Kevin Mathein at (773) 808-4255.

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