Was Farkas' School Board Candidacy Unfairly Rejected?

Glenn Farkas' application for the District 34 school board election was rejected because of a missing paper clip.

Glen Farkas, 44, a 10-year resident of Glenview, recently petitioned to appear on Glenview's April election ballot as a District 34 school board candidate, but a missing paper clip in his application was enough for the school district election board to reject his petition, the Chicago Tribune reported in January. 

The April ballot will include the current school board president Chris Northwick, along with incumbent board members John "Jack" Murphy and Cathe Russe, according to the Tribune's January story. 

This is pretty sad and disturbing that I was taken off the ballot," Farkas told the Glenview Announcements regarding the rejected application. "I’m active in the community and I have two children in District 34."

But a recent email acquired by the Chicago Tribune suggests Murphy and Martha O'Connell, the president of Glenview School Board District 34 Caucus, worked together to find objects against Farkas.

The Caucus is a group of Glenview residents who vet and nominate community members for school board elections. Based on the latest Tribune report, the organization meant to nominate qualified community members to participate in the school board, may have collaborated with incumbent school board members to eliminate the competition. 

After "talking with Jack" and "an attorney specializing in election law, they all say that not binding the petitions will kill their candidacies. That is our No. 1 objection," O'Connell's email read, according to the Tribune. 

It begs the question: is the caucus judging candidates by their paper clips or their qualifications as community leaders?

Farkas ran against Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) for the Illinois 9th District Senate seat in November, which Biss won. 

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chris February 13, 2013 at 02:11 PM
Mr. Farkas shouldn't waste anymore time trying to help Illinois. This state is dead. It's a bureaucratic, patronage lackey, overtaxed and crooked wasteland. Texas offered numerous incentives for us to move our business there. Illinois is just not worth fighting for.
Jim Tatsuda February 13, 2013 at 02:27 PM
If you get the Glenview Lantern, you would have seen (in the Feb. 6th edition) that there is a LOT more to this than is even discussed in the article above! Even with the Lantern article, we probably don't have the full story, but to me it's pretty evident that the current School Board used some pretty disgusting tactics to make sure they ran unopposed in this April's election - especially the tactics to "eliminate" Glenn Farkas. I don't have any kids in school so I don't typically keep track of (or know) any School Board members, but this is such a low blow to honesty and fair play that I'll probably ONLY vote for Glenn Farkas come April 9th. My understanding is that Farkas is running as a write in candidate for the School Board.
denise February 13, 2013 at 02:53 PM
Although I voted for Dan Bliss for Senate, this sure will make me vote for Glen Farkas as a write in candidate for the school board. At minimum those who would reject an application because of a paperclip issue should resign. If this is how they use their power - I don't trust them and don't want them representing our household. Fair Play Folks. Worry about real issues.
chris February 13, 2013 at 03:34 PM
I voted for Daniel Biss (the only democrat I voted for.) Because at the time, he had promised to help with this terrible situation in Sunset Village. No help came, and the seventy or so families (out of 450) that remain are probably going to be pushed out soon having had their homes and money stolen from them by Richard Klarchek with the full help and support from our illustrious leaders no less. I am taking my loss and moving on having learned a valuable lesson that when liberals cry about doing more to help the less fortunate, they really mean helping the poor with someone elses money and not in their back yards.
Dan Marchetto February 13, 2013 at 04:35 PM
I am disgusted that Chicago and Illinois style politics has made into Glenview. I will be voting for “Write In” candidate Farkas. I will also be sure to capitalize the letter F when spelling his name so as to not have my vote disqualified. To the those behind this paper clip sham, the phrase “Character Counts” is not just for the children who attend our schools.
Deadcatbounce February 13, 2013 at 08:11 PM
You have to wonder what other shenanigans is going on with this school board. If I had to take a bet, plenty. Farkas needs to push for an audit of this school and school board like what took place in lincolnwood school d74 last year. Everyone of these school board members should resign and get rid of the caucus too. Caucus only works for school board, not the community
unknownauthor February 21, 2013 at 09:55 PM
I think this has been blown out of proportion! Nothing illegal has been done, if people don't like the rules to being put on the ballot, they should spend their energy changing the rules. The school board is excellent and we should applaud them for all that they do.
Deadcatbounce March 15, 2013 at 09:17 PM
What school board member are you Louise? Most school board members care less for the taxpayer and are only doing it for resume padding and networking. I go to meetings every month and almost every single member is unprepared (they receive the material in advance) and some spend their time sleeping. The paper clip snafu is a well know trick of keeping the unwashed off the ballot. Just look at the budget at all these north shore schools. It's deficit spending, poor financial planning, teachers threatening to strike and the taxpayers footing the bill for these outrageous teacher contracts. Don't forget administrators paid more than the Sup of Chicago. Don't forget to read http://chicagolampoon.blogspot.com/ the incredible story of how the D34 board treats taxpayers and parents like dirt!
Danni April 10, 2013 at 03:44 PM
A rule about a paperclip, Lousy, I mean Louise? And $13,000 taxpayer dollars were spent (paid to, probably with kickbacks, attys to represent the plaintiff Board), so serious is a missing paperclip. If you knew anything about anything, Louse, you would know that this was the plan, before it even happened. The FOIAed emails showed their communications with each other in advance of Farkas turning in his papers, that they, the Board, planned on using the paperclip issue as a method to keep "anyone off the ballot" that they didn't want on. One of their attys wrote, "It's been used before and been upheld." Aside from their criminal acts and collusion, deception to control the Glenview residents, interferring with the election process and this clear-cut, obvious election fraud, not that you are concerned, even aware of loss of democracy, Glenn Farkas submitted all his papers "securely fastened" exactly as stated in the rules. All that has been accomplished here is further disgust for the state of the State of Illinois as more people join the Abandon Illinois Association, AIA. This negative population growth will leave you to pay for everything, unless you are a taker. HAPPY?
Danni April 10, 2013 at 05:57 PM
yep $13,000 in atty fees over a supposed missing paperclip sure is "blown out of proportion."


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