McHenry Man Wins $75K, Hug from LeBron after Half Court Shot

Michael Drysch, 50, of McHenry, made a midcourt basket on Friday night during the Miami Heat- Detroit Pistons game and won $75,000 and a big hug from LeBron James.

Michael Drysch, 50, of McHenry said he'd been practicing his basketball shot for two days, and had only made one basket during his workouts, according to an article in USA Today.

But when it came time for Drysch to throw the ball between periods Friday night at the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons game, all things came together.

The hook shot from midcourt sunk in after Drysch said he put a little spin on the ball and threw it up as high as he could, the USA article said.

While he was celebrating the basket - and winning $75,000 - LeBron James tackled him and the two fell to the ground. LeBron was excited as a $75,000 donation will go to his foundation and the Boys and Girls Club, the story said.

Watch the basket and celebration in the attached YouTube video.


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