Illinois-Based Rotary Int'l Works to Measure True Global Impact

Rotary International is utilizing business intelligence to determine its global impact in terms of dollars raised and philanthropic work for communities around the world.

Credit: Rotary International
Credit: Rotary International
With more than 1.2 million Rotary members across the globe, the organization's CIO is acutely aware that the impact of their good work needs to be measured as accurately as possible. 

Peter Markos, Rotary International CIO has a plan underway to utilize business intelligence to gauge not only the level of funds raised by the organization as a whole, but also more documentation of philanthropic work done by 34,000 clubs in more than 200 countries, according to an article in Computer World. 

According to the article, Rotary International has a foundation that gives away $200 million annually, but has not documented the good work done by thousands upon thousands of clubs - nor the amount of funds they raise on a yearly basis. Once the organization is able to determine what their real impact is, they will be in a better position to communicate it, and advocate for additional dollars available to non-profit organizations. 

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