Britni Berg
Hi! I'm Britni Berg, and I'm a local high school student. I've been a dancer for practically my whole life and have been involved in poms, orchesis, different clubs, the newspaper and even v-show at my school. Most importantly though, I absolutely love to write and hope to go to Northwestern University (my dream school!) for journalism. The things that interest me the most are articles that people are going to want to read. Not just any people though, teens. I know how it is, we don't want to read about politics and all that, we want someone who understands us, but not just any adult talking about their experience from back in the day. Times have changed! So I'm going to be writing this bi-monthly column about things that we want to hear about! Things like teen drinking, drugs, competition, school, friends, homecoming, and all that drama that comes along with it. I'd love to hear from my readers so if there's something specific that you want me to write about, or even any advice that you'd want to ask me, please e-mail me! You can just shoot me over an e-mail at britsblog@ymail.com. (Yes, ymail) Thank so much you guys! Xoxo Britni 
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