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John Rae is a Technical Consultant, your average computer geek who enjoys writing.  He would prefer to make a full time career out of his writing, and has written novels, short stories, screenplays, teleplays, children's stories, and newspaper articles--pretty much anything but poetry, unless you count the few times his C# code happens to rhyme.  He makes geek look cool, and thankfully, his technical skills have afforded him the ability to do important things--like eat--while chasing his Mark Twain-ish endeavors.  Samples of his work can be found at Intellech.
A funny thing happened while working on a book for his daughter, who was born with complex congenital heart disease--a blanket diagnosis that basically means, "Whoa, this ticker's a hot mess."  After reading through rough drafts of the work, he realized each chapter somehow had a religious slant, questioning God and faith and unraveling an unnerving anger he hadn't realized was there.  That book project was shelved while he went on to explore just what the heck all that was about.  Mosey On God is a work in progress that some have called a "journey back to God."
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